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Not So Recently...

  • In 1988 attended the University of Bradford during which time authored various popular Freeware/Shareware software including ResPlay, ModObj, ModRes, ModEdit, ModPlay, Play, and was radio station manager of Ramair.
  • In 1992 completed my degree in Electronics, Communications, and Computer Systems and went on to work on a PhD based on the internet control of a Robotic Telescope. Initially using an interactive gopher server, but switching to the NCSA web server in October 1993, and then Apache after joining the core development team in April 1995.
  • In 1996 joined UK Web as technical director and worked on a number of projects including co-writing the focus conferencing system, interactive Teletext and Internet games for BSkyB, and founded the Apache Week publication.
  • In 1997 founded C2Net Europe, designing and developing Stronghold, a secure web server based on Apache, and building up a small team as Managing Director. Contributed to various open source projects including mod_ssl and became a founding member of the OpenSSL project.
  • In 2000 C2Net merged with Red Hat and I took on the role of leading the Security Response Team. I'm an editorial board member of the Mitre CVE project (since 2002), a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation, and chair of the ASF Security Team (since 2006).

I'm an Open Source evangelist and Maker, working at Red Hat to improve software security.

In any spare time I work on various home automation software and hardware, i've been known to wander onto stage as part of Sonik, and I'm probably listening to A State of Trance

Use my GPG key if you need to send anything sensitive; my public key is available here or here

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Mark J Cox, 26 May 2015