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I now work at Microsoft, where I am a Program Manager in the Enterprise Server Appliance group. The group builds appliance devices using Windows 2000 - which means using windows remotely without a monitor. At work I help manage specific projects, write specifications, interface with various internal and external groups and receive too much email. I also encourage people to use Perl for routine administration, and to think about how people can use the OS without relying on the GUI.

From 1997 to 1999, I worked at C2Net Europe, a small company whose main product in Stronghold, a secure web server based on Apache. C2Net were based in Leeds and later Newbury in the UK.

In 1996, I was employed by UK Web, a web services company in Leeds, UK. I was technical director at UK Web, working on a number of software projects including Focus, a web-based conferencing system, and a series of interactive games for a large UK satellite television company.

My first job after University was a system administrator at the University of Bradford. I was responsible for electronic information systems, including email, news and web services. I promoted the use of the Internet and later the Web across the University. I worked at the University from 1991 to 1996.


I have a BEng in Electronic, Communication and Computer Engineering and an MSc in Computing. Both are from the University of Bradford.

Presentations and Publications

I have presented at various conferences and written a large number of internal papers. Recent presentations include Managing Windows 2000 Remotely at the Windows 2000 Deployment Conference (Geneva, March 2000) and a presentation on Stronghold at ApacheCon (San Francisco, October 1998).

I was editor of Apache Week during 1998 and early 1999. This web-based newsletter was the only publication dedicated to covering the Apache Web Server.

At the University of Bradford, I wrote a number of proposal papers, technical documents and end-user help information. In both this my writing at Apache Week I put emphasis on explaining complex technical issues clearly and concisely for the reader. I also like to write documentation, and enjoy designing the look on paper and screen.


I like visiting new places, and enjoy flying. I enjoy a few television programs: my current favourites are Futurama, The Simpsons and Roswell. My favourite type of music is Eurodance, with groups such as DJ Bobo, U-96, E-type and N-Trance. I also like some 1980s music, including the Pet Shop Boys.

I am a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and a contributor to the Apache open-source web server project. I added mod_header and various other changes, such as supporting adding and removing Options settings. I was also a founding member of the OpenSSL project.

Other interests include reading good fantasy books, doing some minimal investing, astronomy, programming, the Internet (I have been using email since 1986) and learning about mooses.