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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 21 Apr 1999

Newbury, UK April 21st 1999. - C2Net's SafePassage Web Proxy today received authorisation for use in France. This means that anyone in France can now legally use the SafePassage product to upgrade the weak encryption provided by their browsers to full-strength 128-bit encryption.

This approval applies specifically to C2Net's SafePassage Web Proxy product. Other 128-bit client side security software, such as web browsers, have not yet received SCSSI approval.

"We're really happy that we obtained approval." said Neil Castle, Sales manager of C2Net Europe. "Now French citizens can conduct their transactions on the Internet knowing they are using strong cryptography."

SafePassage Web Proxy is designed to let export-crippled browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer use full 128-bit (or greater) encryption when talking to any secure Web server. It does this transparently by acting as a full-strength, encrypting Web proxy between the browser and the Web.

C2Net is the leading provider of full-strength network security software. Because it develops its products outside of the United States, C2Net is able to offer full-strength 128-bit cryptographic solutions to customers worldwide. The company's Stronghold secure web server is currently the number one full-strength commercial secure web server in the world, according to a secure web server survey by Netcraft, Ltd. http://www.netcraft.com/

For more details of SafePassage see http://www.c2.net/products/spwp/

C2Net's website can be found at http://www.c2.net/