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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 22 Jun 1998

Oakland, CA (June 22, 1998) - C2Net Software, Inc. and NetObjects, Inc. today announced a co-marketing partnership whereby a copy of NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.01 would be included with each copy of C2Net's award-winning Stronghold Secure Web Server. This promotion will be in effect from June 30, 1998 to September 30, 1998, and is the first stage in what promises to be a long-term partnership between the two companies to aid each other's marketing efforts.

C2Net's Stronghold Secure Web Server and NetObjects' ScriptBuilder both represent breakthroughs for individuals and companies that want to develop a full-featured online presence. Stronghold is ideally suited to serve the scripts that are built using the NetObjects product, and this promotion underlines the fact that the two products are both essential parts of any serious Web toolkit. "The synergy between Stronghold and ScriptBuilder is obvious," said Steve Cook, VP of Sales and Marketing for C2Net Software, Inc. "NetObjects ScriptBuilder is the ideal editor for site developers who have a wide variety of scripting needs. Stronghold is the best secure server solution for site developers who are serious about having the best secure server product available. This partnership will let new Stronghold customers satisfy two important needs with one purchase."

The arrangement is expected to help both companies enhance their visibility and add value to customers across the board. "We are excited about working with C2Net to offer NetObjects ScriptBuilder to a large number of advanced Web developers who will appreciate the products' open scripting environment," said Morris Taradalsky, NetObjects' executive vice president of products. "NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.01 provides full support for multiple scripting languages, enabling Web developers to rapidly create client and server side scripts."

Stronghold Secure Web Server is the leading secure web server on the market, according to the most recent Netcraft survey (http://www.netcraft.com/survey/). Stronghold's features include strong 128-bit encryption that can be implemented worldwide despite US government encryption export restrictions, support for more than 20 UNIX platforms as well as Windows NT, and a robust, modular architecture that lets the user customize the product to optimize performance.

C2Net Software, Inc. (http://www.c2.net/) is a leading provider of uncompromised network security software. Through its international offshore development programs, all C2Net products are exempt from U.S. government export restrictions, allowing the company to offer uncrippled, strong cryptography solutions to customers worldwide.