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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 22 Apr 1998

OAKLAND, California, April 22, 1998 -- C2Net Software Inc. today announced the release of version 2.3 of its Stronghold secure web server -- the first-ever commercially available implementation of software supporting the Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.0 security protocol.

Recently approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the TLS protocol is designed to replace the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol in wide use on the Internet today. Both systems use "public" and "private" keys for securing information exchanges between web browsers and web servers. The SSL protocol, however, requires using a proprietary patented cryptographic algorithm; the new TLS protocol also supports non-proprietary ciphers, freeing developers from patent licensing issues.

"We were the first commercial vendor to support HTTP/1.1, and we are now the first to support TLS/1.0," said Sameer Parekh, President of C2Net Software, Inc. "Standards are important, because they let users put together the best products and avoid being locked into expensive, proprietary solutions. C2Net knows that open standards are the key to maintaining quality and interoperability of security systems."

C2Net's Stronghold product is a commercial version of the Apache web server incorporating full-strength 128-bit cryptography to ensure against eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery of electronic documents. The Stronghold secure web server is the preferred solution for Internet and intranet administrators who need to be certain that transactions are handled in the most secure environment possible.

In January, C2Net Software made available an online TLS test server and freely downloadable TLS client software so that other developers could test for interoperability. "What use is a standard that nobody adopts?" remarked Parekh. "TLS is an important standard for the Internet community, and C2Net is working hard to encourage its widespread use." The TLS test site is located at http://tls.c2.net/.

When devising the TLS protocol, the IETF sought to recreate the strength and ease-of-implementation of the SSL standard developed years ago by Netscape Communications Corporation, without the use of any proprietary elements whatsoever. TLS has been well received in cryptographic circles as an open, standards-based solution for security and privacy needs in electronic transactions. Pointing to this success, industry experts have predicted that TLS will quickly replace SSL as the primary protocol used to encrypt real-time communication over the Internet.

C2Net Software, Inc. (http://www.c2.net/) is the leading provider of uncompromised network security software. Through its international offshore development programs, all C2Net products are exempt from U.S. government export restrictions, allowing the company to offer uncrippled, strong cryptography solutions to customers worldwide. The company's Stronghold secure web server is currently the number one full-strength secure web server worldwide, according to a secure web server survey by Netcraft, Ltd (http://www.netcraft.com/).