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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 19 Aug 1996

Oakland, CA - Community ConneXion, Inc., the leader in uncompromising security for the Internet, today announced the version 1.3 release of Stronghold, the commercial version of Apache-SSL. Stronghold is based on the popular Apache server, the most popular webserver on the Internet, according to the Netcraft server survey at http://www.netcraft.com/survey/.

Stronghold 1.3 is a significant improvement from the Stronghold 1.2 product. The latest version is based on Apache 1.1.1, which supports features such as Keep-Alive, server information modules, a proxy server, an easier to use API, more flexibility in authentication, and greater configurability.

"We're happy to have a final release version of 1.3 available," said Sameer Parekh, President of Community ConneXion. "Because of our close involvement with the Apache Group, we can quickly track new Apache releases. We expect to have an Apache 1.2-based server available soon after the Apache 1.2 release." Stronghold 1.3 is the result of an extensive Internet-wide beta test, which started soon after the full release of Apache 1.1.1.

Apache 1.1.1 includes features such as the status module, which gives the server administrator the ability to monitor in real time the server's activity. An information module is also available which gives administrators easy access to a list of which modules have been installed on their server, as well as their configuration directives. The latest version includes modules which support database access, including mSQL and Postgres95.

Apache 1.1.1 has much more flexible configuration with regards to virtual hosts and multiple IP addresses. This feature allows such innovations as the ability within Stronghold 1.3 to serve both SSL and nonSSL documents from the same server instance.

The latest version of Stronghold supports "Session ID Caching," which allows for dramatic performance improvements. Session caching allows servers to process connections much faster because the processor intensive calculations happen less often. Limited performance tests have shown speed improvements of eight hundred percent. "With Session ID Caching, the SSL protocol is not noticably slower than not using the encryption protocol. There is no excuse not to encrypt everything," said Parekh.

Community ConneXion is now shipping binaries for Sparc Solaris 2.5, x86 Solaris 2.5, Sparc SunOS 4.1.3_U1, FreeBSD 2.1, BSDI 1.1, AIX 3.2.5, IRIX 5.3, HP/UX, OSF/1, Ultrix, BSDI 2.0, and Linux (ELF & a.out). More platforms will be available soon, and even more may be supported on request. Stronghold may be ordered and downloaded at http://www.us.apache-ssl.com/. Existing commercial licensees may download the latest version free of charge.

Portions developed by the Apache Group, taken with permission from the Apache Server http://www.apache.org/. This product includes software developed by Ben Laurie for use in the Apache-SSL HTTP server project. This product includes software developed by Eric Young (eay@mincom.oz.au).