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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 20 Jun 1996

Oakland, CA - Community ConneXion, Inc., The Internet Privacy Provider, today announced that its services could be used by the South Korean general public to avoid government censorship.

On June 6th, South Korea warned its public against making contact with North Korea on the Internet, threatening prosecution under the South Korean National Security Law, which bars all unauthorized contacts with the North.

A number of web pages containing information about North Korea were specified by the South Korean government as pages which must be blocked by South Korean Internet providers.

South Koreans who are interested in unfettered global communications may use Community ConneXion services to send mail, setup web pages, and browse the World Wide Web anonymously.

"We are committed to providing full uncensored Internet services to all users," said Sameer Parekh, President of Community ConneXion. "The Internet does not tolerate censorship."

People on the Internet can browse web pages without government censorship at http://www.anonymizer.com/. If individuals wish to send mail anonymously, they have multiple options, from using the web remailer gateway at http://www.c2.net/remail/ to setting up a fully anonymous double blind pseudonym at http://alpha.c2.org/.

Community ConneXion is the leading provider of privacy on the Internet. They provide anonymous and pseudonymous internet access and web pages in addition to powerful web service, virtual hosts, and web design consultation. Information is available from their web pages at http://www.c2.net/.