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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 24 May 1996

BERKELEY, CA - Community ConneXion, Inc., The Internet Privacy Provider, announced today the worldwide Beta release of the "Anonymizer" service for the World-Wide-Web.

The Anonymizer allows people browsing the web to be completely anonymous when making web transactions. It protects people from having the sites they visit discover their email address, hostname, type of computer, and other potentially sensitive information.

"The Anonymizer finally brings Caller-ID-Block to the Internet," said Justin Boyan, who designed and implemented the system. "If you don't want records of your activities being kept by every web site you visit, you should definitely be using this service."

Community ConneXion ("C2") is glad to be able to provide such a service to the Internet community free of charge. C2's President, Sameer Parekh, commented on the availability of this service, "We feel that people's privacy is too important to make people pay directly for basic privacy services. Therefore, we've built The Anonymizer with a model that will allow people on the Internet to use the basic level of service at no charge."

Future enhancements to the system include support for Netscape's Secure Sockets Layer, which will provide web surfers with the ability not only to hide their identity from the remote site, but to hide the identity of the sites they are browsing from their employer, university, or ISP. The threat of a university clamping down on the ability of its students to browse the web freely is very strong, and C2 plans to make this service available in order to protect against such threats.

The Anonymizer can be accessed at http://www.anonymizer.com/. Users need only click on "BEGIN SURFING ANONYMOUSLY" and then choose a site to visit anonymously. All their web transactions from that point on are anonymized. As the service is only in Beta phase at this point, users may experience slow connections or downtime. As the service moves to Production release, these problems will be eliminated.

Community ConneXion is the leading provider of privacy on the Internet. They provide anonymous and pseudonymous internet access and web pages in addition to powerful web service, virtual hosts, and web design consultation. Information is available from their web pages at http://www.c2.net/.