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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 13 May 1996

Vancouver BC - Xcert Software Inc.

Xcert Software Inc. announced a co-marketing agreement with Community ConneXion of Berkeley, CA. The joint release of the bundled Stronghold and Sentry products provides a complete Internet and Intranet security solution for organizations of any size.

The Xcert Sentry is the first commercial quality Internet Certification Authority Server. It makes it easy for organizations to issue, sign and manage public-key certificates. A certificate is a digital ID, similar to a driver's license or other document, that can be used to verify someone's identity on the Internet. Sentry allows corporations (or any group) to take charge of their own security by allowing them to decide who receives a digital certificate without the need for an external Certification Authority.

Community ConneXion, Inc. (http://www.c2.net/) is the leading provider of privacy on the Internet. Dedicated to uncompromising security, they provide anonymous and pseudonymous Internet services, and secure web services. Based on the popular Apache server, Community ConneXion's Stronghold: Apache-SSL-US Webserver securely distributes information over the World Wide Web using state-of-the-art encryption techniques. It has been modified to work with Xcert's Sentry, to become the first widely used secure Web Server product that can authenticate client certificates.

A May 1996 Internet server survey (http://www.netcraft.com/Survey/) revealed a 500% increase in Stronghold server installations over the last two months. As well, the survey showed at least 40,000 Apache servers in use, surpassing NCSA this month as the most commonly used server on the Internet. In addition to targeting the emerging Intranet market, Xcert and Community ConneXion will offer Apache users an easy to install upgrade package. Xcert's product line also interoperates with other servers including Netscape Commerce. (Xcert is a Netscape Technology Partner.) Interoperability with Microsoft IIS is also planned.

"The ability to build secure Intranet applications is vital for corporations to survive in the fastpaced market today. The combination of our encrypting webserver for security and Xcert's Certificate Authority tools for administration allows companies to build these applications," said Sameer Parekh, President of Community ConneXion. "Stronghold/Sentry is the only fully-integrated easy-to-use package available on the market today which gives corporations the flexibility and security that they need."

One of the first beta test customers to use the Stronghold/Sentry configuration is the Canadian Bankers Association. Like so many other businesses, the CBA wants to expand its use of the Internet, and identifies inadequate security as the major obstacle to broadening the range of its Internet activities. Gordon Campbell, Director of Telecommunications for the CBA headquartered in Toronto, stated that "a solution based on the Xcert security enhancement technology could be the answer for the Canadian Bankers Association."

"We are eager to participate in Xcert's beta test program," said Mr. Campbell. "We are particularly interested in using the Xcert Access Control Module to control the distribution of information."

Using Xcert's CA Server software can turn a public Internet site into a private Intranet, at very low cost. Xcert Sentry will sell for US$995. Stronghold is available for US$495; current users can upgrade to the certification-enhanced release free of charge. Instructions for purchasing and downloading the Stronghold/Sentry security enhancement bundle can be found at both the Xcert (http://www.xcert.com) and Community ConneXion (http://apachessl.c2.net/) websites.

Plug-in server modules developed by Xcert will soon be available to provide additional functionality including Pay Per View and Automatic Billing. Xcert plans a wide range of modules that will enable Internet Service Providers to restrict client access and to notarize a wide variety of on-line transactions. Xcert's product will provide a simple and flexible way for ISPs to meet parental requests to restrict children's access to pornographic material.

A demonstration of some of the capabilities of the Xcert Sentry can be found on the Internet at http://www.xcert.com.

Portions of Stronghold were developed by the Apache Group, taken with permission from the Apache Server http://www.apache.org/. Stronghold includes software developed by Ben Laurie for use in the Apache-SSL HTTP server project. Stronghold includes software developed by Eric Young.

Xcert Software Inc. is a privately held company based in Vancouver BC, Canada. The company's focus is on security enhancement technology and products for the large and rapidly growing Intranet and Internet marketplace. Xcert is actively seeking technology and marketing partners. Contact Diana Costain or Andrew Csinger at 604 737-1003 (phone) 604 737-4899 (FAX), or send email to info@xcert.com