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This is a copy of the C2Net Press Release from 09 May 1996

Berkeley, CA - Community ConneXion, Inc., today announced that it will for a limited time offer free Usenet access to anyone in France.

The announcement comes in the wake of the arrest of two managers for French Internet service providers. The two managers at WorldNet and FranceNet are being held responsible for the pornographic material distributed on the "alt.binaries" newsgroups. They face up to three years in jail.

In response to these arrests, the Association of French Internet Professionals (AFPI) has called for a complete blackout of French newsgroups and many providers in France have cut off news service entirely. Community ConneXion, Inc., has announced free Usenet access to the French in response to the resulting blackout.

"The Internet views censorship as damage, and routes around it," said Community ConneXion President Sameer Parekh, quoting a famous saying on the net, "The Internet transcends national boundaries. This promotion makes that fact obvious."

Community ConneXion offers full Internet access to its customers, with no content-based restrictions on materials its customers may read or make available on the Internet.

During this limited time promotion, people connected to the Internet in France may access a full uncensored Usenet feed merely by pointing their newsreaders at news.c2.net. People in other countries may also get access to a full uncensored Usenet feed by purchasing service from Community ConneXion. Information on how to sign up for service with C2.NET is available at http://www.c2.net/

Community ConneXion, Inc. is the leading provider of privacy on the Internet. Dedicated to uncompromising security, they provide anonymous and pseudonymous Internet services, including secure web services. Information is available at their web site at http://www.c2.net/, or contact Sameer Parekh at 510-601-9777x3.