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15 Mar 2007: Enterprise Linux 5

Enterprise Linux 5 has been consuming much of my time over the last few months. From work on the signing server and new key policy, through testing of the new update mechanism, and continuing audits of outstanding vulnerabilities. Yesterday was release day, and we also pushed security updates for 12 packages in Enterprise Linux 5.

It may seem surprising that we release security updates for a product exactly at the same time we release it, but product development is frozen for some weeks before we release the product to give time testing from the various Quality Engineering teams as well as release engineering work. During that time we want to minimise the number of changes that will invalidate the overall testing, so we instead prepare the changes as updates. Since the vulnerabilities being fixed are already public, we push the updates out as soon as we can; holding them off to some scheduled monthly date would just increase customer risk.

Security advisories for Enterprise Linux 5 are available from the usual places, on the web, sent to the enterprise-watch-list mailing list, and via OVAL definitions. Red Hat Network subscribers can also get customized mails for the subset of issues that affect the packages they actually have installed.

For me, what's going to be interesting to watch over the next few months is how specific vulnerabilities and exploits affect this platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 packages are compiled both with Fortify Source and stack smashing protection in addition to all the security features that were in version 4. I'll be reporting on what difference this makes through the year.

Created: 15 Mar 2007
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